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Loop 1604 and Bandera Rd at Bandera Point Shopping Center

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Animal Welfare Society of Bandera is a 501c3 “No Kill” organization.  We have been in business for 16+ years.  We rescue dogs, cats, puppies and kittens from high kill animal control facilities in hopes of saving as many precious pets as possible.

We conduct pet adoptions at PetSmart (LOOP1604 and Bandera Rd at Bandera Point shopping center, next to Khol's). Our adoption hours for dogs are 12:00pm – 6:00pm at PetSmart.  Our cat adoption center at PetSmart is open daily (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00am – 7:30pm, and Thursdays from 1:30 – 7:30.  Please come and take a look at all of our rescued precious pets!  The more we find homes for through out adoptions the more we can go and get to save from high kill shelters!

Our pets are kept with foster homes and are quarantined for at least 2 weeks before bringing them to be adopted.  This gives us a chance to monitor them, housetrain them, and know if there are any issues we need to relay to potential adopters.  It gives these wonderful pets a chance to calm down, see how they react to a family situation, if they are good with other animals and human children.  It is our goal to match the “right” pet with the “right” family – please let us help you when your making this decision.  Our adoption counselors are really great at knowing how to do this!  All of our pets are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, heartworm tested (dogs), feline leukemia/FIV tested (cats), microchipped, wormed and given flea treatment.

We are a not-for-profit organization meaning we need help from the public with donations to continue on with our plight of rescuing and saving animals in need.  Please consider making a donation to help us help these wonderful pets!

At present we have a kitten needing a one leg amputation (see pictures of our little Remy in our Special Case area) and we have already had to have two eye removals done last month.  We also have one of our Bichon rescued dogs that will be checked out for neurological issues.  Please help us give these pets a second chance in having a good life!

Welcome to AWSBC

It's been a busy busy year so far.  AND it's only January 23rd and we've kept trucking along with one issue after another.  But then, that's what rescue is all about!

We were at ACS a couple of weeks ago and Katy saw one little puppy that was in the clinic.  She couldn't quit thinking and worrying about him.  I saw a little dog that I put a hold on that broke my heart.  We got a call that we could go and get the "dog" so Katy took off to get the one that I had a hold on.  Well, when she got there she saw the little puppy still there and assumed it was the one we got a call about so she picked up the puppy.  When she called me I told her it wasn't the "right" one so she flashed back in and was told which dog it was.  So, we ended up with both of them.  Unfortunately, both of the doggies had some major issues.   Katy rushed them to our vet (Dr. Meier at Leon Valley Clinic) the next morning and had x-rays done.  

The little puppy (only about 4 months old) had old and new broken bones and some of them were floaters - meaning bone fragments were loose and floating in his body.  Dr. Meier said it was an abuse case and had happened at different times.  Breaks in all four legs (even though this little boy could still stand - some of the breaks had calcified and others were new breaks) and there were some breaks on the spinal column.  At least the breaks on the spine weren't such that would paralyze him but they were indeed significant breaks.  Poor little fellow, how much pain can a puppy endure?  But this little boy was so happy to see us that he was all kisses and hugs when Katy picked him up.  Katy has named him Archie.

Next he x-rayed our other itty bitty little girl - Katy has named her Charity.  She had a shattered pelvis which would have to be rebuilt if she were to ever walk on her back legs again.  She didn't like to be in her own feces so she would literally roll away from it to stay clean.  Such a sweet little girl and oh so tiny!  She was hit by a car and ACS picked her up - thank goodness she didn't stay there long enough to get run over again.

Dr. Meier said both needed to go to the specialist (VREC - Dr. Williams) and if he were to ever be in the place of saving one with severe medical needs these would be the first on his list.  They were so sweet and loving even when he had to manipulate their little broken areas they didn't snap or bite at him - they even gave him kisses.  So, he spoke with Dr. Williams and we had them in to see him the next working day.  When he saw the x-rays and evaluated both of them he felt it was imperative that they surgery immediately - that very day.  Katy left them with him, they had their surgery, and when they called to let us know how they had done with the surgery he gave glowing reports.  He felt that both would make a significant recovery and be able to walk again.  I'm happy to report that Ms Charity took her first 3 steps on all four legs today so things are looking good!!

Patriots for Pets were enroute for the transport they were taking and were contacted about six little dogs that were taken from a seizure at a puppy mill in Bexar County.   Most of the dogs were Yorkies, Silkies, etc. (small dogs) so they said they could take them.  When we got them here Deb was concerned that the four little females (one Maltese, one Silky, and 2 Yorkies) might have kennel cough so she couldn't take those four back with her.  She was able to take the two little boys.   We told her we would take the four but the little Maltese had a huge tumor on her tummy and the little Silky has bad back legs that we'll have to address.  The back leg issue is probably from them being on chicken wire all their lives.  The tumor can be taken care when we get her spayed at Dr. Meier's.   But, as you can see, lots and lots of medical issues going on - it has drained our medical fund down to nothing.

On a good note:  we were busy visiting animal control agencies while Patriots for Pets was here and they ended up taking back over 40 dogs!  Most of these dogs were on the "kill" list and would not have made it through the next day had they not put a hold on them.  So 40 lives saved and a whole lot of them were black labs!  One mom black lab with seven puppies that were only 13 days old!  What a great feeling it is to know they are alive and going to a place that will find them good and loving homes!  Way to go Patriot for Pets!!  Just shows you what can be done if all of us in rescue work together for the betterment of the animals!

Now, we seldom ask for help financially but we have to do it now.  Archie and Charity ran us about $2200 and that doesn't count the follow-up visit(s) and meds.  We aren't sure what the little Maltese and Yorkie will cost but it won't be cheap.  Our medical fund is out of funds so we need your help.  It will take us a while to rebuild these funds and we can do it so much quicker if you all can donate anything at all to help us out.  Please, please lend us a hand so we can continue on with our mission of helping the animals in need.  We normally don't take on more than we can do but this is a special circumstance and none of us could say "this one we'll help but we can't help the others."  Please listen to your heart and send any amount possible.  If you feel better about sending it to our vet, Dr. Meier, then his address is 6701 Bandera Rd., San Antonio, TX 78238 - just memo it to AWSBC medical fund.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts - just know that what you send every penny goes to helping the animals in need.  We are all volunteers - we're just here to help the animals!!  Or you can go use our "Donate" button and make a donation with credit card or through PayPal.  We thank you for taking the time to read our stories.

First day home after surgery.

2nd day home after surgery.

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